Accreditation Rules

Mass media accreditation rules for the International festival "Student Spring of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization countries"

1.      General provisions

1.                  Accreditation of mass media representatives for the International festival "Student Spring of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization countries" (hereinafter referred to as the Festival) is organized in order to provide the necessary conditions for professional activity concerning with creation and distribution of adequate and complete information about the Festival events.

2.                  Accreditation of mass media representatives shall be required for work at all Festival events.

3.                  During professional activity performance, mass media representatives shall respect the rights and legal interests of Festival participants and Festival staff and follow accepted ethic standards.

4.                  Quantity of mass media representatives, who can participate in the Festival, is limited, because the organizers aim to provide mass media workers with the highest possible working conditions and quick access to all necessary resources, taking into account considerable interest of mass media entities to the event.

5.                  The Festival Directorate is able to increase the quota upon the official request of a mass media entity in the case of reasonable ground existence of such a necessity.

2.      Press accreditation

1.                  Both Russian and foreign representatives of mass media entities can file an application request to participate in the Festival. There are also several requirements for:

Russian mass media representatives:

A mass media entity shall be incorporated within Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications.

Journalists shall make online application request on the Festival website (

In case of exceeding the quota, the company shall send a cover letter on the company official stationary, certified by a signature of a mass media entity head and a company seal, to the Festival Directorate e-mail: (example of the letter)

Foreign mass media representatives:

In case of permanent employment on the Russian Federation Territory, mass media representatives shall be accredited by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

In case, when mass media representative has no accreditation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he shall both file an application request on the official website and send a letter requesting accreditation for participation in the Festival to the Festival Directorate e-mail: The letter shall be written on the company official letterhead and shall be certified by a signature of a mass media entity head and a company seal (example of the letter).

2.                  Mass media technical staff (outside broadcasting technicians, drivers of accredited media entities, etc.) shall be accredited for the Festival in conformity with technical staff accreditation rules posted on a website

3.                  Representatives of highly specialized Mass Media entities, incorporated within Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications, can apply for accreditation in the case of carrying out of highly specialized event within the Festival program. Such persons also shall have a cover letter from a moderator of the events or shall get an approval of the Festival Directorate and the moderator concerning participation of the Mass Media representative in the highly specialized event. This accreditation (hereinafter referred to as one-day accreditation) is valid only on the day of such an event.

4.                  Accreditation quotas

Accreditation quotas for federal mass media representatives:

For written press:

-          Magazines – 2 persons (1 correspondent, 1 photographer);

-          Newspapers – 3 persons (2 correspondents, 1 photographer);

˙          News agencies - 4 persons (2 correspondents, 2 photographers);

˙          Online portals - 1 persons (1 correspondent);

˙          TV channels  - 7 persons (2 correspondents, 1 producer, 2 cameramen, 2 sound-men);

˙          Radio - 2 persons (2 correspondents).


Accreditation quotas for regional mass media representatives:

For written press:

-          Magazines – 4 persons (2 correspondents, 2 photographers);

-          Newspapers – 6 persons (4 correspondents, 2 photographers);

˙          News agencies - 8 persons (5 correspondents, 3 photographers);

˙          Online portals - 2 persons (2 correspondents);

˙          TV channels  - 18 persons (7 correspondents, 2 producers, 7 cameramen, 2 sound-men);

˙          Radio - 4 persons (4 correspondents).

One-day Accreditation quotas for mass media representatives:

For written press (newspapers, magazines), news agencies, online portals, radio – 2 persons (a correspondent or a photographer);

For TV channels   - 3 persons (a correspondent, a cameraman, a sound-man).


5.                  Applying for accreditation

Mass media representatives, who want to participate in coverage of the Festival events, and highly specialized mass media representatives, who want to participate in coverage of a highly specialized business event, apply for accreditation via the official Festival website (

Application processing of a highly specialized mass media representative within the Festival Directorate requires a business event moderator’s cover letter requesting accreditation for mass media representative and mentioning of a full name, a position and passport details of a correspondent.

All fields must be filled out. It is necessary to pay attention to required fields marked with an asterisk.

According to Item 2.1., it is necessary to send a cover letter to the Festival Directorate. Without a cover letter, an application is not considered.

Applications should be submitted via the official Festival website over the period running June 02-23, 2014 (June 16-23, 2014 – for one-day accreditation).

Application processing terms – 3 calendar days or more.

Mass media accreditation shall be valid for all days of the Festival (except for one-day accreditation).

6.                  Badge distribution for mass media representatives:

Mass media representatives shall receive their accreditation badges once their accreditation has been confirmed by the Festival Directorate.

Accreditation badge distribution shall be held in the accreditation centers in Chita City. Information about the address and the work schedule of the accreditation centers will be posted on the official Festival website ( after June 23, 2014.

Accreditation badge distribution shall only be held on the following conditions:

confirmed accreditation in the Festival database;

presentation of the individual’s passport (passport number must be the same as in the Festival database), also:

for Russian mass media - editorial identification document presentation or, in the case of badge distribution per procuration, presentation of an official letter from the mass media entity on official stationary, signed by the general manager and sealed;

for foreign mass media, accredited by Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, - accreditation certificate from Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The badge shall only be carried by the person to whom it was issued; the badge must not be transferred to third parties. Always carry your badge on your person throughout all Festival events.

Any other accreditation documents are not valid for Festival venue entering.

If the accreditation badge is lost, stolen, or misplaced, its holder must immediately inform a representative of the accreditation center. Upon a written statement denoting reasons of the loss, a duplicate badge is issued.

7.                  The entrance to the Festival events

The entrance of the accredited mass media representatives to the closed Festival events with Russian Federation officials’ participation is held in special order, providing by the specialized detachments of Administration of the President and Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation.

The entrance of mass media technical staff to the Festival events is held according to entrance regulations for technical staff.

3.      Refusal in accreditation

The Festival Directorate has the right to refuse in accreditation:

If a person is not a mass media representative and he/she does not hold the position specified in Item 2.4 of the present rules;

If the data about the person or his mass media entity mentioned in the Application is false;

If mass media entity is specialized particularly on advertising or reference information or has highly-specialized character which does not cover Festival theme (except for highly-specialized mass media which want to receive one-day accreditation specified in Item 2.4. of the present rules).

4.                  Rights and Responsibilities of Accredited Mass Media Representatives

1.      Accredited mass media representatives shall be entitled to:

 use all the services prepared specifically for mass media representatives;

receive information on official Festival events and exhibitions (press releases, business programs, participant lists, participant catalogs, etc.);

work at the Festival Press Center during official events, useing Press Center infrastructure;  

participate in press conferences, briefings and other press events;

Accredited media representative shall:

check the authenticity of reported information; 

satisfy the requirements of persons providing the information citing  the source;

when obtaining information from citizens and/or officials, get their permission to use it in audio and video recordings and/or present their likeness on film and photos; 

when performing the duty, immediately present the editorial identification document or any other official identification, as required;  

 never use the professional position for the concealment or falsification of socially-significant information; never gather any information for the benefit of any person or entity that does not operate in mass media sphere; 

discontinue photo/video shooting at the request of security service representatives covering the Forum;

never distribute printed materials on the Festival venues without securing approval of the Festival Directorate;

follow Festival quotation policy using official information and citing participants’ statements that means: ready publications shall include a reference to the Festival, the information source, and the link to the official Festival website (for online portals).  Alteration, embellishment or distortion of the cited information is strictly prohibited.


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