“Student Spring Festival of the SCO countries” began

July 3, 2014 / 05:50
“Student Spring Festival of the SCO countries” began

July 2, the international festival “Student Spring of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) countries” was opened at “Lokomotive” stadium in Chita. Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev sent his greeting to the festival participants.

The opening ceremony started with the parade of more than 50 delegations representing constituent unites of Russia and foreign countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Besides Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, India, Iran, Pakistan, Mongolia, Belarus, Turkey, Sri Lanka also participated there.

Nikolay Rogozhkin, Presidential Envoy of the Russian Federation to Siberian Federal District, noticed, “The Festival turns Chita into an international student capital. I am sure the forthcoming event will become another platform for creation of good-neighborly and friendly relations. Today the Trans-Baikal Territory is one of the most perspective regions. The Festival will give an additional impulse to develop the whole region. I wish you unflagging inspiration and emotions!”

Governor of the Trans-Baikal Territory Konstantin Ilkovsky told he was glad that the festival gathered together the best representatives of Russian studentship. “I would like trust and friendship to appear among you. Then trust and friendship will be among our countries”, Konstantin Ilkovsky said.

Chairman of Russian Union of Youth Pavel Krasnorutsky declared the festival would not only demonstrate characteristics of our unique culture, but it would also help to build cooperation with the SCO countries and would stimulate the further onward movement.

About 12 000 comers watched the opening ceremony, which was organized as a 2-hours show. Max Orlov, an emcee on “Russkoe Radio”, and Avrora, a popular actress and TV presenter, were entertainers of the ceremony. The concert program included participation of Pelageya and Mitya Fomin.

The Festival “Student Spring of the SCO countries” consists of seven directions – art, mass media, a beauty pageant “Queen of Spring”, education, a program for young politicians, a military and patriotic game “Zarnitsa”, and student sports. All these directions were reflected during the ceremony. Each of the directions was represented by singers, dancers, acrobats and even by motorcyclists. Guests were demonstrated the “Student Spring” symbols – a matryoshka-doll and a manul cat, a talisman of the Festival. For the first time the opening ceremony was captured on video in 360 format.


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