Ilya Lazarev told about the international press center of the Sochi Olympics

July 3, 2014 / 20:55
Ilya Lazarev told about the international press center of the Sochi Olympics

CEO of television school “TV Academy” Ilya Lazarev presented the Sochi Olympics press center. At the beginning, the purpose of Ilya Lazarev’s team was not only to create an ordinary press room, but to form a cross-functional media platform for mass media organizations that had not been accredited. Pursuing the goal to make press center comfortable and effective as far as possible, Ilya understands how important event coverage is.

According to Ilya Lazarev, the international Olympic press center was visited by all Olympic champions, at least 99 per cent of them. “Some situations were simply absurd, they did not visit the main press center of the Olympics, but they visited ours. We often talked with the sportsmen directly, and sometimes we had more people than the main press center did”.

 Ilya Lazarev was showing photos of the work process where everyone could see a high equipment status and a pleasant work environment with some extraordinary elements. The best photos according to him, were published in 24-hours and were placed in the press center. That looked very “tasty”. The press center was visited by the press office of President, it was decided the event involving President’s participation would take place there. “It was not scheduled absolutely, but taking to the account the scale and the beauty we had created, we held the event, also known as “Session of political council in Sochi”, successfully”.

Step by step, Ilya Lazarev’s team was joined by colleagues representing REN TV, VGTRK, Russia Today and other TV channels. In spite of remote location of some Olympic objects, journalists came to the press center created by Ilya Lazarev, as it was more comfortable to work there.  Even Olympic flame was carried near the press center. 4 stand-up positions were constructed on its roof, so, a lot of TV channels captured the great shots with sea and city view.  Ilya Lazarev noticed he had never seen such beauty before. Although the organization of the project was expensive, it was worth doing.

The press center became an initiator of “Formula-1” promo offer, when the room windows were open so that a car could come through them easily. Near the building there was a race car, and inside the building there was a huge (20 meters) interactive model of “Formula-1” race track, where cars were moving. The decision was made very quickly, but it came true immediately.

During a day press center held 5-7 events, conferences; the work was constant from 10.00 to 18.00. Moreover, we had on line work at the same time that was not in program. During the Olympics and Paralympics there was the only incident – the fire stop pipe was broken.

The press center worked non-stop. All TV screens showed all events. Olympic sportsmen and show business stars came here. Even “Buranovskiye babushki” sang here. All events were captured with  our own video cameras and were sent to all people who were interested: we sent the videos to Moscow, regions of Russia, the great interest to them was revealed in CIS and SCO countries. It was our press center where the Stenley Cup – the main American hockey cup – was brought. So, everyone could touch it, make a photo with it, and this fact aroused the great excitement.

–        We also had funny situations, - said Ilya Lazarev. – For example, Deputy Mayor of Sochi impressed us with his speech about the quantity of belyashes and shawarmas consumed during the Olympic Games. He spoke quite seriously and had graphs proving the statistics. We could not stop ourselves from laughing.


Alexander Zhukov, President of the Olympic Committee, highly appreciated  the press center having mentioned that he had seen many press rooms during different Olympic events, but  that one corresponded the very high level.

As for SCO Student Spring Festival – 2014, Ilya Lazarev wished, “I want the event to be held more often, moreover, it should be held not in the capitals but in such cities as Chita, Magadan or wherever. The main thing is that all of the students and organizers are in Chita for the first time – and it’s cool! Let it be villages, settlements, Kaliningrad, the Far East; let the geography expend, because this way our students will meet Russia and its opportunities. Everything is great, and yesterday’s opening ceremony proved the level of the event”.


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