Max Orlov, “When the time comes, I gave up the idea to let my hair grow in order to work on television”

July 3, 2014 / 19:55
Max Orlov, “When the time comes, I gave up the idea to let my hair grow in order to work on television”

For day two of the Student Spring Festival, the media forum participants met Max Orlov, an emcee of “Ruskoye Radio”.

“I don’t like these high stages so much,” the famous emcee starts his speech. His silk bass voice fills the whole room – the young journalists’ attention was immediately given to the stage. Not long ago we looked at him from our stadium stand on the opening ceremony, and today he tries to come closer to us, to know where we are from, what our names are, where we study.

  • I was born in Turkmenia. This fact surprised many pupils of my school in Tyumen. Then I graduated from medical academy. But now I work in media sphere, - said Max Orlov.

This free talk with the audience turns into a press-conference quickly.

  • I liked to answer, - Maxim says honestly after the first question. His playful humor and manner of free speaking make some guys, who were bored during the break, arouse. There are a lot of questions, we have time to talk about many things.

About television

When I started working on TV, we haven’t those opportunities, you have now. Today everyone can create his own TV channel on the Internet. When I came to the TV channel with my diploma in medicine, I was not allowed working. Moreover, I had a bald head, it did not suit the producers. I was offered to let my hair grow, but I didn’t want to do it for the only reason to work on television. Then I studied the TV channel nature and its intended audience. I explained the chiefs that I can be their tidbit: a bald head TV presenter is something new. They listened to me, and then I began to appear on TV screens with a head wear, that was also a novelty.

About trends

Creating a project you shouldn’t look at something. You must not rely on some trends. We watch the things that are shown for us, we listen to those tracks that are played for us, we read those things that are written for us. Modern audience can choose what to consume. We do not obtrude ourselves. Choose whatever you want, otherwise it is easy to go mad because of those things that happen around us. Form your taste. Be yourself. For example, I was told I had to put on trousers today, but I want to wear shorts, so, I put on my shorts.

About words

It’s always necessary to think what you are talking about with a large audience. For example, you cannot say such words as “a bomb” or “to explode”, even when it comes to music, because these words spark panic automatically, if a person has just turned on the radio and heard them. I’m a voice of the largest stadium “Luzhniki”. And before 80000 visitors hear me, I mince my words carefully. So, if anything crops up, a furious crowd can sweep away everything in its path. Even right now, speaking here, I am controlling my words in details.

About convergence in mass media

I think it is necessary to be a professional in your sphere. I’ll give you an overdone example. What is difference between a Russian doctor and an American one? The difference is that American specialist in left ear will never give you an advice about your right ear. In Russia we have graduates in medicine with broad-based knowledge in this sphere. These specialists are ready to advise you, they know everything. And only after that they become single-discipline specialists. That’s what happens in mass media: you should know oats in everything, but try to achieve success only in your sphere. Otherwise you will spread yourself too thin.

About interview

I interview people 4 times a week, but, when someone asks me to tell about one of them, I always remember my first experience. I started my career of emcee from “Chanson” radio. Once my chief came to me and told Alexander Rozenbaum would come to me soon. I was preparing to the interview carefully, I was worry. But then my studio was visited by “Reflex” group, three fair girls. After this I understood: it’s impossible to be fully prepared to the interview. The more surprising it will be for you, the more interesting.

And for us, young journalists, this talk with Maxim may not be surprising, but it turned to be active and interesting.

Evgeniya Filippova


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