Anastasia Mahnakova advises to taste buuzi and visit Arakhley Lake

June 22, 2014 / 14:40
Anastasia Mahnakova advises to taste buuzi and visit Arakhley Lake

“Student Spring Festival of the SCO countries” is less than two weeks away. Team of organizers located in Chita and headed by Anastasia Mahnakova, Director of “Russian Student Spring” program, almost has no time for sleeping, because they work by Chita standard time during the day, and by Moscow standard time during the night (note: difference makes 6 hours). Nevertheless, the guys are working with “large eyes”, and, thanks to comfortable work conditions provided by their colleagues from Chita, they can enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Trans-Baikal Territory.

    - I want all participants of “SCO Student Spring Festival” to taste delicious local cuisine. I try to eat it myself from chance to chance and put on weight, - Anastasia Mahnakova advises.

Especially, Anastasia talks traditional Buryat and Mongolian dish up. The dish is called “pozi” or “buuzi” in Russian. It looks like oriental dumplings or manti, stuffed with meat mince and onion. It is eaten with fingers, and you should drink broth that is inside of a poza separately having bitten a bottom of it. Such a kind of pelmeni!

Also, Transbaikalia is a place where you can find unique herbs that can be used to make a fantastic tea.

     - I like the climate of Chita, - Anastasia Mahnakova says. – Heat and evening freshness – that’s cool! Nature is unusual here.

Organizers of “Student Spring Festival” think that those festival participants, who will visit Arakhley Lake, will be lucky ones (note: Educational program will be held on the territory of the wildlife refuge). The lake is situated at 40 km distance from Chita, but the distance can’t stop city residents who go there after work in order to give themselves a dip in magic waters of Arakhley.


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