Guests of chita will visit Titovskaya sopka and datsan

June 26, 2014 / 20:48
Guests of chita will visit Titovskaya sopka and datsan

July 3-5, a large-scale excursion for “SCO Student Spring” festival participants is planned in Chita. For three days more than 3000 participants will visit 6 different routes stopping to have coffee breaks and master classes.

During the excursions, participants will be able to see the most interesting and extraordinary places of the city and visit the main sights; guides will tell the guests about the local culture and the customs.

Participants will be able to visit such famous places as palace of Shumov brothers ,who were the prominent gold industry entrepreneurs and benefactors, Chita famous Vtorov’s shopping arcade, the House of the famous Irkutsk builder Lutsian Frantsevich Drevnovsky (better known as “House of books” (“Dom knigi”)). It is known Chita was a place of the Decembrists’ exile, so here there is a Decembrists church (Decembrists museum) where you can see Decembrists’ books, lifetime edition of their works, their personal things and the original antiquities. Also, participants will see the famous monument of “Love and Fidelity” dedicated to Decembrists’ wives.

Then participants will go to Titovskaya Sopka (Titovskaya mount) a complex of natural archeological sites located in the South-West of Chita. They will see Museum of technical equipment under the open sky where one can see rare automobiles. After that, the route will lead them to the mineral spring “Molokovka”. It’s the most picturesque place where Chita city residents like to come in summer time because of berries, fresh air and tasty water.

Also, being in the city, you can’t fail to visit Chitinsky datsan - the first datsan in the Trans-Baikal Territory capital established in 2010. “Datsan” is a Buddhist monastery and university of Russian Buryat. According to Tibet tradition, separate Buddhist monastery “faculties” were called “datsans”. Chitinsky datsan was built in parallel with the Kazan Cathedral construction.

Divine services (khurals) dedicated to the greatest events in Buddhist history, daily ceremonies honoring religion preservers (sahusans) and other rituals that protect believers from various negative forces are held in the datsan.


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