For the “Queen of spring” participant representing uzbekistan, her participation in “Student spring” is a first step to her drea

June 29, 2014 / 16:58
For the “Queen of spring” participant representing uzbekistan, her participation in “Student spring” is a first step to her drea

There is no much time left before the beginning of “SCO Student Sprig Festival” and the beauty pageant “Queen of Spring”. The representative of Uzbekistan Zieva Nizambaeva told about her country, its culture and about her preparation to the contest.

–  Tashkent is a city of bread. Our capital was always famous because of this description. But I would like to tell more about our country.

In our country it’s frosty in winter, as it is in Russia, and in summer it’s hotter than it can be in India. In Uzbekistan you can feel a special charm of ancient times. History of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva fascinates scientists, cultural workers and tourists from around the world. Visit our country, and you will see unusual brightness of the Central Asia.

Uzbekistan is its sensitive people. As a folk wisdom says, “Treat your guest better than your father”. Residents of Uzbekistan like and appreciate their guests. Moreover, our country is famous for its holiday pilaf, hot flatbread, large wedding feasts and beautiful national music.

As it happens in different families, my parents had been choosing the name for me for a long time. Finally, they called me Zieda that means “lambient” or “light” translated from Arabic.

Now I study at the Academic Lyceum of Tashkent State Technical University. For two years I have been working in modeling business of Uzbekistan. I take part in different photo sessions, music video creation projects, fashion shows and promotional event.

My voluntary activity plays a special role in my life. I often take part in social projects. And I want to have an opportunity to help people more frequently and more effectively in future.

Why did I decide to participate in the pageant “Queen of Spring”? Since childhood I wanted to see the world and to travel. It’s my first step to the dream. For those two years I have been working as a model, I understood that appearance is just a cover, inner beauty is more important. I hope during this trip I will meet many interesting and really beautiful people.

To tell the truth, I want to come to Chita as soon as possible. But, frankly speaking, the preparation process is very interesting and funny itself. We are lucky – the whole delegation of our country consists of talented and positive people.


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